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EasyStudy is CGS’s Learning Management System

This platform is a mobile + Cloud solution that promote Multifunction Anytime Anywhere Quality eLearning on the Go.

EasyStudy App

The EasyStudy app has the following defining attributes:

  • Anytime: Affords the students opportunity to learn 24/7
  • Anywhere: Takes effective learning away from formal classroom and library; Students can now engage in quality learning on the go! Academic materials are available in offline mode, so Internet connectivity is not required – thus saving students recurrent costs of Internet data charges.
  • Multifunction:

Course materials can be in Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Video, Audio, etc.

o Students can make personal notes as they learn. Notes are organized by class.

o Test and Exam Practice

o Lecturer-Student chat and video collaboration o Lecturer-Students content upload

o Institution Portal incorporated for easy access via EasyStudy

EasyStudy Cloud

This is the hub in the Cloud where all materials will exist. The facilities available via this Cloud Host include:

  • Lecturer Registration by EasyStudy Administrator.
  • ·Course Creation by Lecturer
  • Course material upload (add/modify/drop) by lecturers/Lecturer.
  • Lecturer Information Page (for each lecturer)
  • Online Chat between Students and lecturer

The Functions include

  1. Content Management: This include upload of course materials for students and for teachers
  • Collaboration: 1. Chat by subjects at course level Interactive class, Video and Audio enabled
  • Assessment: Setting up of test and Exams with answers, objectives only. Students respond and scores sent
  • Announcements and notifications

Training: Online guide of how to onboard the staff and students. How to create and upload study contents, assessments, and notifications. Also, how to set up an interactive classroom for lecturer-student collaboration via chat, video, and audio.

School Management System, SMS solution

Our Educational Management  information System has the followings features and other features can be included by the time we have the full requirements or solution scope

1. School Record

2. Student/ Teachers/ Guardian record management

3. Attendance Management

4. Academics record / Report Management

If there are other aspect such as Hostel, Library, those can be included on request

We also have a Learning Management System for institutions. This handles:

1. Upload of course materials by teachers

2. Accessing course contents by students

3. Assignment posting

4. Teacher- student Collaboration at course level