Virtual Office

CHESCA TECHLODGERS – Virtual Office, Work Space and Co-Working Space


Global business analysts have tagged the Year 2017 as a year of “Bigger collaboration” and guess what? It is going to be through technology and availability of space.

While we’re closing for the last year ending, we mulled the idea of “collaboration” with the availability of space, thus we talk of “workspace” or “co-working space” for big creation, invention, the innovation which will serve as social capital for Development.

Chesca Global Solutions in collaboration with other techies deem it fit to announce to you first, the birth of a gender-friendly (we welcome women in ICT and other creative entrepreneurs) and IP ( © Copyright, Trademark, and Patents) compliant Co-working Space; CHESCA-TECHLODGERS at the hearts of the Creative Industry City; SURULERE.

Virtual office, Workspace and Co-working Space available at very affordable rates and membership lodge-tickets.
TECHNOLOGY is the missing gap of all Sectoral development; be it AGRIC, POWER & ENERGY, ARTS, SERVICES etc.

Let’s lodge in to plug the Technology with collaboration in a co-working space now! Contact the admins here for more information.